Win At Life: Tips & Skills for Tackling Life from Unlikely Places

This short book explores an ecosystem of skills that can help one succeed in life like drive, empathy, adaptability, creativity, and the ability to handle failure. What brings the book to life is the wide range of illustrations from mathematics, history, fables, language, economics, psychology, biology, business, artificial intelligence, racing,and politics. The book concludes with an exploration of what “success” might mean to an individual. Along the way the book asks offbeat questions like:

  • Does it ever help to be lazy?
  • Does a rat have empathy?
  • How one can go up against the smartest person in the room?
If you like self-help/self improvement, entrepreneurship/business books, or interesting books that make you think, this book is for you.


  • Best Book Awards: Award Finalist, Business: General
  • Bookvana Awards: Finalist, Business: Inspirational/Motivational

The Three Rulers and Echo

If you like "Aesop's Fables" or allegories (and nice pictures) you might like this story. "The Three Rulers and Echo" is an illustrated fable about compassion, truth, and justice. This short story, with vivid imagery, chronicles the adventures of Robot. Accompanied by three friends, Robot explores new places in search of the land of happiness .... A "picture" book for older kids (and grownups.) Note: If purchasing the ebook use a device capable of displaying color, since the illustrations are in color.

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Stop, Rest, and Think

An eclectic collection of reflections, musings, passages, essays, short story fiction and other material.

Tanks, Trains, and Ikebana: An Ambassador's Wife's Journey through Life

The stories of a woman's journey through life. Born to an English mother and Asian father in London in the 1930s, the book explores her "stepping stones" through life. Married initially to a south Asian Ambassador, the book chronicles her travels and adventures to far flung parts of the world. Whether she is experiencing the chaotic turmoil of the partition of India and Pakistan or in the throes of martial law in Poland, she stands as a witness to important moments in history, although from a different and very personal viewpoint. Her narratives which crisscross the world, are laced with resilience and humor, and ultimately pulse with a profoundly positive approach to life. Note: This forthcoming book is by my mom.
Expected Publish Date: 2018

A Short Collection Of Fables

  • The Story of the Lions and the Shark
  • The Day that Falsehood Sought to be King
  • The Man, the Mosquito and the Hut
  • The Secret Ingredient
  • The Boy who Played with Stones
  • Flight of the Birds
  • The Most Magnificent Battle
  • The Pauper Who Would be King
  • Interesting Tidbit: The Most Magnificant Battle may have actual tactics from in an ancient battle.Unfortunately I was very young when I heard about it (maybe ten?) so I don't know which battle :(

The Day that Falsehood Sought to be King

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If you like "Aesop's Fables" or allegories (and nice pictures) you might like this story. "The Day Falsehood Sought to be King" is an illustrated fable about the value of truth. This very short story, with vivid imagery, imagines a "village" being taken over by "falsehood" and how "truth" might get it back. Note: If purchasing the ebook use a device capable of displaying color, since the illustrations are in color.

The Big Little Boat

An illustrated children's story about the tugboats, Tuggler and Snuggler. A tale about teamwork, the fallacy of appearances, the different types of strength, and the value of even the smallest amongst us. In this yarn, the small boats, in their pursuit of adventure, discover the real meaning of what it means to be "big."
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